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Only the best Autosurf Traffic Exchanges Websites below with High Quality. For Webmasters, Website Owners, Bloggers, Beginners and Professionals. Quality not is Quantity. To your success! Enjoy!




Best Autosurf Traffic Sites List 2016









1-0.7 10-60s

Very powerful Autosurf Traffic. Very Fast. High Quality and Security. Many thousands of unique visits/24h. +1.6M members. Very good for Professionals and Webmasters.



* *

Unlimited Traffic for your Website, Blog, and much more. Many SEO SEM SERP services. Very good for Professionals, Webmasters and Freelancers.


MAYA Group

1-1 *

High Quality Traffic Exchange, Social Média, and more... Powerful. Services for visits or cash option. Good Affiliate Program.



1-1 10-600s

Powerful Autosurf traffic with high quality and security. Many Features. Ref. Program: 1 Level: 10%. Very powerful autosurf with many members from all world.



1-1 *

High Quality Autosurf Traffic Exchange. Many features. Very Popular on World witn many members. Great Referral Program!



1-1 60-600s

High Quality Autosurf. Autosurf with many options. Many Features with many options. Great Referral Program. Powerful and Popular on world.



1-0.7 5s-60s

Good Autosurf Traffic Exchange with Advanced features like "Hide Referrer", GEO Targeting and more. Banners Exchange, Text Ads, and more.


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What Are Autosurf Traffic Exchanges?


Is your Alexa stubbornly stuck for months? Or worse is it getting higher (which is bad) every week? Is your Alexa ranking affecting your website SERPs?


Good Alexa Ranking is a key indicator of a healthy & successful website or blog. As a rule of thumb, the better the Alexa ranking, the more business you’ll get. Boost up your Alexa ranking with Autosurf Traffic Exchanges above.


In the realm of Internet marketing, autosurfs are traffic exchanges that automatically rotate advertised websites in one's web browser. Therefore, they are capable of bringing a large amount of traffic to the advertised websites. Members earn credits for each site that they view, which can then be spent to advertise members' sites by adding them to the autosurfrotation.


An AutoSurf Traffic Exchange, like the King HitLeap, displays another members page on your screen for a fixed period of time and then AUTOMATICALLY moves on to the next one. No clicking required! If you see a page that interests you, you can pause the process until you're done reading, joining or whatever and resume it when you are ready. YOU are in control! AND, unlike "click exchange" type sites - there is no incentive to cheat which means that real people are viewing your site, not some tech-geek who figured out a way to rack up phoney clicks to get credits.


Alexa Rank is useful to identify your sites value. The main importance is rank in the Alexa Search Engine, a lower Alexa Score generally equals better position. Your website's Alexa rank could be an important negotiating tool when dealing with potential advertisers, clients or buyers. Alexa tracks millions of websites globally over a period of three months and ranks them accordingly. It gives a rough indication of the popularity of a website, its worth and the amount of visitors it attracts. There are several proven strategies for boosting a site's Alexa rank. The more traffic your website generates, the higher your Alexa rank will be.


A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.


Exchanges enforce a certain credit ratio, which illustrates the amount of websites the surfer must view in order to receive one hit through the program for their promoted website. Many sites offer the ability to upgrade one's membership level for a more equal credit ratio.


As the viewers are all website owners or affiliates, it is possible that some might find certain member sites interesting and thus make note of them on their own sites, sending more traffic their way. Most traffic programs also impose a time limit when members are browsing, ranging from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. Some incorporate the use of captcha to ensure user interaction.


Almost all traffic exchange programs are free, although many of them offer special features to paid members and offer credits for purchase. Almost all traffic exchange programs encourage users to build their own referral networks, which in turn increases the referrers' amount of credits.


The traffic generated in a traffic exchange can be leveraged by using a downline builder to assist the user in building a referral network in the many different traffic exchanges.


In practice, traffic exchange programs are generally used by small business owners or marketers who either want free advertising or use the exchange programs for low-budget advertisement campaigns.


Traffic Exchanges date back to the beginning of the web and were primarily used by organizations to share sites between employees. Viewers would rate pages in a similar fashion to the now popular social bookmarking phenomenon. When interesting websites were hard to find a traffic exchange for an organization new to the web proved an invaluable tool.


Circa 1994 traffic exchanges moved from corporate intranets to the web. In an effort to build communities the concept of rating pages was replaced with rewarding members for viewing.


It was 1996 before traffic exchanges began to charge for traffic and around this time the concept changed from a tool for locating interesting sites to a commercial one. This change in direction resulted in increased popularity at the expense of the content which is now almost exclusively commerce.


Most people use Traffic Exchange programs to increase their site visit rate. Traffic Exchange programs offer both the Auto and Manual Surf options with a timing of 3 to 60 seconds. An 'autosurf' program requires no human intervention to rotate the sites in the database, and is used primarily to inflate the total number of site hits. This practice is rather controversial as it may skew the results of website popularity. People's main reason behind joining a Traffic Exchange program is to promote products and services to like minded marketers. A factor which may negatively influence the ranking is the Bounce Rate. If a website or blog has a high bounce rate then it will be considered that people are not interested in the content. The Bounce Rate is calculated by the average rate a visitor stayed on the site. So whereas the Traffic Exchange sites increase the site visit rate, on the other hand they also increase the bounce rate.




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