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Top Auto Surf List for 2016


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Top List With Best Autosurf Websites for 2016:








1-0.7 10-60s

Free Autosurf Traffic with high quality. +600k unique visits/24h. +1.8M active members. The best and powerful autosurf on World.  * for Professionals, Webmasters and Beginners.



1-1 60-600s

Quality Autosurf. Free auto surf with many options. Powerful and Popular on world.



1-1 *

Good Autosurf Traffic Exchange with visits or Clicks option. Many active members.



1-1 10-600s

Powerful Autosurf traffic with quality and security. Many Features. Popular on world.



1-0.7 5s-60s

Good Autosurf with advanced features. Banners Exchange, Text Ads, and more.



1-0.7 5s-60s

Very popular Manual Surf on world with many features. +1.200.000 active members.


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Guide for Auto Surf Websites



Understanding better what are the Autosurf Traffic Exchanges


What are they for and how do they work in Websites?


Platforms which allow traffic exchange between active and registered members constitute a process that has been around for a long time now, almost since the beginning of the Internet. A good way back then to publicize a site, a blog, videos, etc…


These traffic exchange websites allow, in a completely free manner, the interaction of those who engage in these sites, where participating members share their websites, pages, blogs, videos, articles, etc., with other participating members. Here, there is an exchange or a share, usually dictated by the rules of each site within this genre. The ratio can vary between 1:1, 1:5, and more.  In other words: for every website you click and visit, in exchange you will equally get visits from thousands of participants in your website, blog, etc… Here, the principle is to diffuse your website, services, information and products, in order to get interested members on your website and reach your ultimate goals, be these commercial, humanitarian, purely informative, non-profitable, and several others kinds of information exchange. Usually this type of visit exchange service is vastly searched by small businessmen, small companies which are looking to promote their products, non-profitable websites, among other kinds of information.


Good Alexa Ranking is a key indicator of a healthy & successful website or blog. As a rule of thumb, the better the Alexa ranking, the more business you’ll get. Boost up your Alexa ranking with Best autosurf websites.




There are two types of traffic exchange: Manual and Automatic


What is the difference between the Autosurf and the Manual Surf?


Manual surf websites require the permanent presence of the participating member, who has to click on each website and has to wait a certain length of time so he can officially finish his visit, according to the rules of that specific website, which offers this kind of service.


Automatic Surf websites do not require the permanent presence or the interaction from the visiting member, because the sites will automatically rotate within a certain period of time, also according to the rules of a given website, which provides this service for free. In a convenient way, the visitor just needs to see the websites rotating on his computer screen, having the option to stop on those which spark his interest and attention.


Above, I’m only showing the best Autosurf websites in the world, tremendously popular and with several million participating members. They were tested by me and have the best quality overall. Far from illegal scams, as these websites are totally free services and do not demand monthly fees.


I advise you that 90% of Traffic Exchange Websites, both Manual and Autosurfs, no matter how much they say and present themselves as the best in the market, they’re just telling a blatant lie. The quality of the visits is pretty low and weak within the genre, only with half a dozen people, and they just make you lose your time by visiting always the same members, who are only half a dozen. In the websites I’m giving you that just doesn’t happen because they are simply the best worldwide. This page of mine is the outcome of the vast experience I acquired by testing several, countless websites in this field over the years. 90% of the websites you find on the internet are pure garbage! And you should avoid them! Only the Best Autosurfs.



For Autosurfs:


Try to use browsers that don’t consume that much memory on your computer, as autosurfs are always running new sites on your browser and that you surely weigh on your computer, if you are using the wrong browser.



I recommend you to use Firefox, along with the following apps / extensions:


1- uBlock Origin -

2- NoScript -

3- ReloadEvery -

4- ProfileSwitcher -



These additional components will thoroughly benefit your browser navigation on several websites at the same time, they will spare the memory, CPU, the Internet and they’re going to establish a safer and more stable navigation. Above you have only the best autosurf websites. Enjoy! :)




Top Autosurf Sites List